Friday, May 06, 2016

Good News to You

Our main problem is unbelief. God is for us. We know that intellectually but then we stumble over the stumbling stone. The Good News in Jesus Christ is simply too good. It is so good, we think, that it cannot really be true.
How can God freely grant me forgiveness? How can I be cleansed from my filthy sins? How can I stand in the presence of a holy God? I can never measure up.
         Dear Saint, stop all of that. You are making excuses and you are trampling under foot the blood of Christ. What more can you do? What can you do to add to the work of Jesus on the cross? Nothing. He only asks that you believe it. That you trust Him. That you submit to His will in all things. And when you do this, the good news that seemed too good to be true will simply be good news to you.

Believe. Repent. Trust. Rest. Rejoice.

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