Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Righteous and Meek

Righteousness and Meekness are not always seen as companions. Many accuse the righteous of being arrogant for even thinking their own righteousness was possible. And, of course, self-righteousness based upon a relative scale, is arrogant. Being more righteous than the wicked does not make one righteous.
         But God declares us righteous in Jesus Christ. If we are honest and understand what is going on, we cannot respond in any way but humility. We know our sins. We know our weaknesses. We know our failures. Who would ever call us righteous?

         But God looks upon us through the merits of His own beloved Son, the One Who truly was righteous. That is, He did right. He did no wrong. There was no sin in His words or actions. We come to God in  Christ. We are righteous but it is not a righteousness that is our own. God reckons us righteous because we look to Jesus, His work, His death, in faith. This is not arrogance. The only way to be reckoned righteous is to humble yourself before the Lord. Thanks be to God.

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