Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our Promise Keeping God

As we have seen again and again in the Minor Prophets, the long-suffering of the Lord is remarkable. His people failed Him again and again. He even warns them that eventually His long-suffering will turn to anger and then judgment will fall. But we see Him turn from wrath to mercy and grace at the slightest hint of repentance, a repentance that to us seems incomplete at best and insincere at the worst.
         Again and again His people fail and again and again He forgives and restores. But finally, the accumulation of sin comes to a crescendo and God acts in a universally terrible manner with catastrophic consequences. Everything has come to a head and now judgment must fall. And it does.
But not on the guilty. Instead, on the innocent. Jesus dies for all the failures, all the good intentions, all the sinful intentions, all the backsliders, all the wicked doers, all the self-righteous, all who will indeed to turn to Him, confessing these and many other sins.

Oh, great grace! Oh, long-suffering God! Oh, Promise Keeping Savior! How deep and unsearchable are Your ways? Though we don’t deserve it, we are thankful for Your grace and mercy through Jesus. Amen.

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