Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mounds of Grace

We’ve all blown it. Some of us have blown it really big. We know that we are all sinners but some of our sins seem too big to be covered up, even by the blood of Jesus. But the clear teaching of Scripture is that no matter how big your mound of sin, the mound of grace to cover it up, clean it up and dispose of it, is even bigger. Where sin is bountiful, grace is much more bountiful. That’s just how God is.
         One of the things we do every week is kneel before the Lord to confess our sins. Kneeling is purposeful. It is a position of humility before the Lord. Afterwards, we stand up, like we are right now. That is also purposeful. We stand because our sins our forgiven. We stand in the presence of the Lord without the stain of sins, the stain that causes guilt and shame. The Scriptures describe this as coming boldly into the presence of the Lord.

         This is not arrogance or pride. We know who we are. It is merely faith. It is taking Jesus at His Word. If He said that our sins are forgiven by His free grace, then they are forgiven. Believe Him. Stand up inside as well as outside and come boldly into the presence of the Lord!

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