Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Glorious Reconciliation

Sin is an ugly problem. It creates problems with God and problems with our brothers and sisters. It causes us to be fearful in the presence of a Holy God. It causes us to shrink away from Him and make excuses for our sins.
          Sin causes strife with our brothers. Envy lurks at every opportunity. Covetousness seeps into our souls. We want what others have. We demand fairness based upon our own standard. We get offended and we blame others for our problems.
          But God grants us grace in Jesus. He forgives our sins against Him and invites us to sup with Him at a banquet fit for kings and princes.
          He grants us grace to forgive others so we can sit with them in sweet fellowship around a bountiful table set with sumptuous fair.

          We are no longer at odds with God. We are no longer at odds with our brothers. God has granted us glorious reconciliation where peace reigns at His Table. We partake with deep gratitude.

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