Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Surprised by the Lord

The Lord constantly surprises us by His kindness. He is generous, merciful, quick to forgive and ever gracious. We thank Him for this.
         But there is another way, not so happy, to be surprised by the Lord. A wicked servant presumes upon the Lord. Because Jesus is good and gracious, a wicked heart drifts away from Him, thinking that He will not notice the disloyalty. A little drunkenness here, a little infidelity there, dabbling with the dark arts over here, friendliness with the goth crowd over there and pretty soon, one is lost in a wilderness of high rebellion.

         When Jesus walks in on a such a party, what will the Lord do? Is His grace still full or already fully spent on you? Will you be past finding that place of repentance, though you seek for it with tears? The Lord is gracious but the Bible clearly teaches that at some point He lets the rebellious heart have its way and His coming then is not welcome at all. We are often surprised by His grace. Do not be surprised by His wrath.

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