Friday, May 26, 2017

Of Flight and Life- Charles Lindbergh**

Found this little book by Charles Lindbergh, Of Flight and Life, at the YMCA book sale. Cost me $1.50. It is a 1st Edition. Saw two on Ebay, one for $199, another for $1199. It's short, so I read it. Not bad. Don't know much about Lindbergh. Someone said he was a Nazi sympathizer. You wouldn't know it from the book. Most of what he says in the book is good. He is exhorting us to not worship science, a sin he was guilty of early in his life before the war. The war made him see what the worship of science can accomplish. His answer is spirituality, not necessarily faithfulness to Jesus Christ. So, I give him two stars.

Wanna buy it?

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