Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Eternally Enduring Supply

Our God is so gracious to us. He gives us everything: His life, His death, His Spirit. He grants us life. He feeds us. He clothes us. He gives us the best drink. And we sit here in awe at His outpouring of every abundance: physical, spiritual, emotional.
         And if we think that His extravagance might diminish, we are astonished beyond measure. Just when we think that He has granted us far beyond what we ever thought or imagined, He showers us with more gifts. He grants us peace of conscience, joy in the Holy Ghost, an abundance of new family and friends, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Our cups run over.

         Brothers and sisters, your gracious God welcomes you to His Table. And though we are filled to overflowing, we find at His Table, more and more of the best wine and the best food, an eternally enduring supply of His graciousness poured out for us. Thanks be to God!

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