Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Immense Investment Returns

When Mary poured the perfume on Jesus, she anointed Him for burial. It was the most costly thing she had and she gave it to Jesus in one extravagant moment. It seemed like an extravagance, a waste, but of course, it was not.
         When we give Jesus our all, He always repays us with an even more abundant extravagance. Mary gave Jesus her costly perfume but Jesus gave Mary His body and blood. There is no comparison in the value. Comparatively, she gave little. And His return to her was so much more than she could ever expect or hope for. But that is always the Lord’s calculus.

We have little to offer, even when we offer our all. But He does not respond in kind. He does not return us a little for our little. He pours His extravagance upon us the way that Mary poured hers on Him. It pours over us, running down, aromas thick, the returns immense, even beyond belief or any natural expectation. This is the power in the blood. This is the kind of Lord we serve. This is the abundance of blessing we participate in at this Table.

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