Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Adorning Husband

Jesus is not hard hearted. He takes His wife and is ever faithful to her. He would never put away her who is faithful to Him. Furthermore, though His bride was her who was barren, Jesus takes her, purifies her, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. And from this union flow a world full of God's children.
The bride of Jesus is the Christian Church. He is faithful to her, the one to whom He is wed in the new creation. He washes her in the Word. He makes her beautiful. He shows her even as a city shining on a hill, or a light that leads the way, or a haven of rest for the weary soul. Jesus is the perfect bridegroom and His bride grows ever lovelier day by day for He is the adorning husband.

Let us take heart in this as His Church, the bride of Christ. Let us also learn the lesson of His fidelity as we seek to bear His image in the power of His Holy Spirit, in our own marriages, towards our children, children towards parents, in our worship and work, and even in our mundane duties. We show ourselves faithful because Jesus has been and always will be faithful.

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