Thursday, February 09, 2017

As Little Children

Have you been converted and become a little child? What does that mean? It means that you are pleased to be the child of your Father. You trust Him explicitly. You understand that you are too small, or too scared, or too deficient to take care of business on your own. In a word, you are needy in the extreme.
         You cannot clothe yourself, provide shelter or even feed yourself. You are utterly dependent on your Father and without Him you would be in immediate peril and would in due time, perish altogether.
         A little child may not know the reality of these thoughts but they instinctively cling to the safety of mother and father.
         Such are you who are children of your Father in Heaven. You are completely dependent upon Him, even for the most basic needs, food and drink.

         But He has not left you wanting. He has provided for you fully in His Son. He here offers the substance of life, bread and wine. Receive them as little children.

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