Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Look Around

What did you give up for Jesus? An advanced degree? Two income household? The pursuit of riches? Perhaps you had an inside road to fame? You knew somebody and your commitment to Jesus ended that chance. Maybe you gave up a potential spouse or a spouse? Perhaps your parents rejected you? Or, your children? Or a dear friend? 

Maybe your commitment to Jesus was interpreted as a conservative political stance and that cost you a job promotion? Or maybe your commitment to Jesus cost you your chance at politics because the conservative boys are dishonest and you wouldn’t go along?

There are many ways that serving Jesus can cost you. But have you lost anything at all? What matters most? Is it not family? And peace? And a clear conscience.

Look around. Here is your family. Look at this Table of Peace. We are welcome. Remember the Lord’s death, till He comes. You are forgiven.

You may have lost but are you not the gainer?

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