Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Covetous Hearts

We like things, stuff. It is hard for us to admit. We don’t kill, commit adultery, steal, lie under oath. We try to honor our parents.
         Sometimes we get the mistaken idea that if we do not commit these heinous sins, then we are good. Maybe we even think in terms of merit when considering Heaven. We’ve done more good than bad. We are not as wicked as the murderer, the adulterer, the thief.  We think, “We’re good.”
Maybe we are even 9/10ths good. All these we have kept from our youth. But that 10th one gets us every time. Covetousness and its uglier cousin, envy. And if we are honest and see our dishonest heart, we begin to realize that we sin against the Lord with lust, and hatred, and thievery and impiety towards God and parents, too. We are not just guilty of one, but of all.

We need a Savior. And thank God that in Christ Jesus, we have the one who forgives all our sins. Are you O for 10? All covered in Jesus.

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