Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Straying Sheep

Jesus put a high priority on pursuing a straying sheep. A shepherd often has to do this, even at his own peril, and the peril of the other sheep. Hopefully, he is able to leave them in the sheepfold and not in the field but He sometimes does leaves them in some danger.
He pursues the straying sheep but not to every end. There will be an end of his search. He must also be concerned for those other sheep in his pasture.  But as he pursues the lost sheep and overtakes him or her, what happens next? Is that sheep glad to be found? Is the lost sheep willing to follow the shepherd and return to the fold? Or is that sheep oblivious to his wandering? Or obstinate in his so-called freedom? Or, worse yet, knows he is lost but simply and willfully refuses to follow the shepherd home?
Are you straying? Will you come back if found? Do you even know that you are lost? Or care? Will you heed the calls to you from the shepherd? Will you humble yourself to be found and restored to safety? Or, will you stay lost? Lost in your sin. Lost from the shepherd. Lost in your delusions. Lost.

Do not be lost. Be found by the Chief Shepherd of your soul and return to the safety of His sheepfold.

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