Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More Value Than Sparrows

Jesus says that you are of more value than many sparrows. That may seem of little assurance. "Oh, I am just barely more important to God than a few little birds."
But it is not meant that way. Jesus is not merely saying that you are worth more than a sparrow. He is saying that God watches over the very tiniest and most valueless of His creatures with great care. Sparrows are little common birds not worth two cents but when one dies God takes special note. He is that kind of God. It is His creation and He is intimately acquainted with even the most ordinary little birds.

We are of much greater worth than the little birds. So then, how much more will our Father think of you who are created in the image of God, the recipients of the body and blood of Jesus, the elect of God and the building stones of the household of faith? Beloved, our Father cares for you. When you fall to your knees in repentance, He takes note. He hears. He forgives.

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