Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lost and Found

We were lost but we have been found. And here is something really strange, the more you lose your life in Jesus, the greater life you will have. Like so many contrasts in our faith, the truth is not immediately self-evident.

We remind ourselves that we are Christ’s servants. There is no man less free than a slave. He is owned by His master. His very will is constrained by the will of His master. He is not His own. We might think then, that if we are slaves, then we have lost ourselves. 

But only the most lost in Jesus are truly free. We are free from the fear of men. We are free from the fear of eternal judgment. We are free from the fear of death. We are free from the accusations of the devil. The man most hid in Christ is the man most like a man. 

We discover that the more we are lost in Him, the more we find ourselves as we were actually meant to be. We are not lost then but found.

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