Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Just the Hem

A woman long in her sickness desired to be whole. She had lost all hope in the doctor’s remedies and had spent her entire fortune just trying to get healthy. She was too humble or maybe just too humiliated to talk to Jesus. But she believed. She believed that if she could just touch the hem of His garment, that she should would be whole. And she did and she was.

         We are gathered here and we are not just touching the hem of His garment. We are clothed in Christ. We have put on Christ. We are covered in the blood of the lamb, a blood that does not stain but cleanses. We are washed in the blood, justified, sanctified and forgiven. But even a touch of His garment would heal us. Having confessed your need for cleansing, believe Him, and in this very hour, be made whole.

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