Friday, June 26, 2015

Where is the Lesser Magistrate?

Well, if you had any hope that the unsupremes would rule accordingly to U.S. Law or God's Law, it's time to wake up.

AND, if you think the political zeitgeist is going to be satisfied with 'allowing' gays to marry in every state, you have a rude awakening coming. Just ask the bakers and photographers.

It will not be long before pastors are added to the list of folks who MAY NOT refuse to bless the nuptials of Bobby and Donny, or Ellen and Sandy. Refuse and face a law suit. Refuse and lose your tax exemption. Refuse and get your church shut down. Refuse to pay up the fines and go directly to jail. It's coming soon. I'm guessing in the next five years. Time to face facts.

As the first line of resistance, I call upon the 14 states that do not currently allow gay marriage, to completely refuse the unsupremes ruling. Do not allow gay marriage. Refuse to issue licenses. Refuse to recognize what God does not recognize. Refuse to submit to a ruling that not only flies in the face of state sovereignty but is also aimed directly at the source of western law, the Bible. This is nothing less than an attack on the fundamentals of Christianity rooted in the authority of Scripture.

C'mon governors, get a backbone. C'mon state senators and congressman, grow a spine. It's time.

Be ready for the hammer. It really is the only hammer the feds have against you right now. But it's a powerful hammer. Money.  Or, more accurately, the withholding of your precious federal supply. If you refuse to submit to the ghoulishly immoral overlords, they are going to take your money. And I fear that most of you, perhaps every single one of you, are going to just put your heads down and shuffle along like good little boys. Don't do it! You were elected to play the man! Time to man up. Or, are the only real men left in this country, a few good women?!

We jumped off a cliff when we legalized chopping up babies. We are now hitting the bottom. The dust cloud will be enormous. Time for states to scramble in the ensuing mess and come up swinging.

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