Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's All in Girard, Man OR Not Like Cain

You’ve probably heard me say, “It’s All in Girard, man!” What I mean by that is the sinfulness of mimetic rivalry. What is mimetic rivalry, you say? Just ask Abel.
         He brought a sacrifice to the Lord and the Lord had regard for him. And for Cain, that was the last straw! He could not abide the blessing of his brother.
         Seems like there ought to be something more to the story but not necessarily so. Examine your own heart. When others are blessed, maybe others you think yourself superior to, what do you do? Do you rejoice? Or, does your countenance fall? What about when your brothers or sisters are blessed more than you are? Are you happy or does your countenance fall? If your countenance falls, that is the reaction of Cain.
         Is it fair that others are blessed more than you? No, it isn’t. Would you want God to dole out His blessings based on merit? Good luck!

         Rather, let us lay hold of grace and rejoice when others are blessed, even when they are blessed more than us, or more than we think they deserve, or rather, when they are blessed more than we think we deserve. Grace is about getting what you don’t deserve. Thank God for that!

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