Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Best Father

It is father’s day, a day to reflect on our fathers, to thank God for them, a day to mull over our own fatherhood and to seek to be a blessing to our children.
         For some of you, thinking about your father can be a hard, maybe even a painful, memory. For some, thinking about your own failures as a father is also difficult. You worry about your own children.
         But be encouraged. Every one of you who bears the name Christian has the best Father. We do not have to live in the shadow of our earthly father, always looming, never pleased. We do not have to live in the regrets of our own failures as a father, seeking to always do good to our children but never having enough wisdom or enough will to fully carry out what we know is right.

         Our Father in Heaven is the best of all possible fathers. He is your best Father and He is your children’s best Father. To that end, no Christian lacks a perfect Father. Granted, it is a double blessing to have an earthly father that accurately reflects the fatherhood of God. But even if this is not so, you DO have the best Father. Thank Him.

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