Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Christian Materialists

We have become materialists. We think there are materialistic answers for everything, natural disasters, common colds, economic collapses, floods, business failures, droughts, enemy attacks, population declines and so forth.
         We need to become a little bit, a lotta bit, more spiritually minded. Of course, there are many explanations for many things but it ought to be clear to us by now that God is bringing some level of chastisement on our nation that includes abortion, homosexual marriage, drought, floods, unbiblical preaching and other such symptoms. God is distancing Himself from our protection because we, as the Church, have distanced ourselves from His Word and Spirit. We should be scared. Our response should be repentance, starting with the household of God.

         O Lord, forgive us for sexual sins, for false worship, for forsaking the Word of God, for pietistic formality, for a failure to hear Your Spirit, and many such sins. Grant Your people repentance and heal our nation.

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