Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Lord Feeds Us

When Jonah’s mates threw him overboard and the sea was calmed, they feared exceedingly and offered a sacrifice unto the Lord and made vows.
         The fear of the Lord in acts of Providence is a powerful force. It often has the effect of bringing us to our knees and causing us to submit to the authority of the Lord, offering our service in deeds and vows.
         But consider what God has done. Instead of demanding our sacrifice and our vows, He was the sacrifice. He made the vows.
         Jesus gave Himself to calm the storm. Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us. Jesus sent His Spirit to dwell with us always. Jesus prepared a sacrificial meal for us to proclaim peace to us and to nurture us in the strength of the Lord. It is all gloriously backwards. We can never do for Him what He has so amazingly done for us.

All that is left is to be full of awe and gratitude. Come and welcome.

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