Friday, February 13, 2015

Pass the Ball

For those who have blown it with your older or grown kids and it is obvious, do not say, “We did everything. We took them to church and youth group. We even enrolled them in Christian Schools.” There is likely a real and screaming reason why your children are in rebellion. Find it. Confess it to them. Ask them for forgiveness.
Your asking for forgiveness is the first step in their restoration. It does two things. First, it places the ball in their court. If they grant real forgiveness, then the reason for their bitterness is gone. The barrier that kept them from God is now removed. Even though they were not justified in their sin and rebellion, they felt like they were. By asking their forgiveness, you remove the immediate stumbling block for them to come back to the faith. You put the ball in their court and give room for the Spirit to work on their hearts.

Furthermore, in order for you to ask their forgiveness, you will have already asked God’s forgiveness. God freely grants it. This enables you to go to them in true humility. This also enables you to leave the future consequences up to God. You cannot redeem yourself through regret and reproaches. Freely receive and freely give forgiveness.

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