Monday, February 16, 2015

Onward Christian Soldiers!

The Lord is leading forth those whom He has redeemed. He has called us out of the world, forgiven our sins and made us partakers of Christ as His own dear children.
         This Assurance of Pardon part of our service is very important. We sometimes prefer to linger under our sins, letting the contrition weigh heavily upon us. Sometimes it takes a great weight to get us to repent. But having repented, we need not bear that weight any longer.
        In Pilgrim’s progress, when Christian stood gazing at the cross, his burden of sin simply slid from his back. He became light in the forgiveness of the cross
        This is why we stand after confession, because our burden is gone and we are light in the presence of our Lord. And now, lightened by the loss of our burden, we are to march on in Jesus Christ.
       Onward Christian soldiers!

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