Thursday, February 12, 2015

Into the Deep

The first step in being a spiritually eligible to discipline your children is to recognize your own failings and sins and seek to correct them.  If you are prone to anger, especially anger at your children, then you need to deal with this before the Lord before you deal with your children.  Because you must deal with your children in order to be obedient to God, then you also must deal with your anger.

This is one of the glorious aspects of being a parent. We start out on a journey to teach our children so that they grow up well, have faith in Christ, and learn maturity and wisdom. But in that process of raising children, we find that the Lord is making a good work of us, so that we grow up, have faith in Christ and learn maturity and wisdom. He calls us to the task of parenting and parenting well but we cannot accomplish that task unless He continues to transform us into the image of Christ. And then we find, wonder of wonders, that He uses the very process that He calls us to fulfill, parenting, to lead us into the deep waters of our lives in Christ.  God’s ways truly are glorious and past finding out!

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