Monday, February 09, 2015

Divine Hospitality

We have reminded ourselves both of the why and of the how we come to church and enter into the dance of the liturgy of worship. It is good that we have this reminder at least once per year.
         Most, if not all of you, are greatly blessed with amazing hospitality. We call the giver of such blessing, mother or wife. She serves you daily with love and food and drink. She is wonderful and perhaps especially for you boys who pretty much live for food, she is magical. Every day, like clockwork, food from heaven.
         I hope you boys, and men, are greatly appreciative and tell her often. Don’t take her hospitality for granted, same old great food, great table, great fellowship, day after day. One day you boys may be a bachelor for a while and you will long for mama’s cooking. But don’t wait until then to appreciate her. Develop gratitude, lots of it, today.

         We come to this glorious meal every Lord’s Day. Same great food and drink, week after week, the body and blood, the life food of Jesus, the life food that is Jesus. We may just go through the motions. We may take it for granted. But this is the meal of Thanksgiving. God has served you with divine hospitality. He is the Divine Host. In this meal, develop gratitude, lots of it, today.

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