Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Growing Family

One of the glories about watching your children grow up is the growth at the Table. At first, we could all fit around a little breakfast table for four. Then we had to invest in a basic dining table to seat six. Then we needed a formal dining Table with leaves to accommdate 12 or even 15 when we use the corners and piano bench. The Table grows and the joy grows with it.
Next, is grandchildren and if the Lord would be so kind, even great grandchildren as the table keeps on growing, out into the next room, through the door and into the yard, across the way into the triangle and finally beyond, to the very ends of the earth.
         We see that same truth here at this Table, the Table of the Lord. First there is only a few, say 12 or so, and then 120, and then 3000 and then 5000 and then a multitude and then a great number, myriads times myriads, that no man can count.

We are approaching those uncountable numbers now and we have a long way to go as the Lord keeps adding leaves to His Table. And thanks be to God, there is always more room for one more.

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