Monday, February 09, 2015

Honest Worship

Today, I will take us on our annual tour through our liturgy, explaining why we do what we do each Lord’s Day. It is important to know the why but just as important as knowing the why is properly performing the how.
         We gather each Lord’s Day to corporately confess sins, receive forgiveness, worship in song, pray, hear the word of God read and preached, give ourselves to God in tithes and offerings, and then we get to sit down to eat with Jesus.
         This is all glorious, if you enter in with an honest heart and a good will. It all starts with confession of sins. Do you do this honestly, not just here at church but also at home? Do you do this regularly, daily, not just weekly? Do you humble yourself before the Lord with His saints on the Lord’s Day?
There is a way to just go through the motions, mumbling words in the church service, like a mantra, but that way does not produce true contrition, nor does it produce repentance and the assurance of forgiveness. So, come to the Lord honestly, first of all, honestly confessing your sins, repent of them and be forgiven.


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