Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Walk Like Jesus

Our sermon today has to do with walking.
         What is your walk like? I think this is a good question for us at Providence Church to ask. Why? Because God has been exceedingly kind to us. We have fallen into a wonderful historic stream of faithful doctrine and practice. We didn’t really figure it out. God gave it to us. But it is true that God has given us much. And to whom much is given much is required.
         So, what do you do with the much? Does it make you proud and conceited? Are you strutting? Maybe like the disciples of Jesus before they were humbled? They had Jesus and they began elbowing their way to the front for the places of honor. But Jesus was having none of that.
         Another kind of walk is a shuffling insecurity. Timid. Scared. But this will not do either. The proud and haughty walk is focused on self but so is the shuffling and timid walk. If you try to walk like Jesus, you will be neither haughty nor insecure.

         So, the key is to put on Christ and be humble and secure in Him.

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