Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bitter Memories

How is your memory? What do you remember? No doubt, we all remember difficult circumstances that we have gone through and have made it out on the other side. I hope your overwhelming reaction in those situations is thanksgiving that God delivered you from such circumstances.
         But how are your memories related to being wronged? What do you think of those who have mentally or physically harmed you in some way? What do you think of those who have spoken ill of you or are still saying things about you that are harmful to you? What do you think about those who have hurt you financially? What do you think about those who were not as kind to you as you thought they should have been? What do you think about those who fell short of your expectations as a parent? A brother? A sister? A child? A teacher? A coach? A pastor? An elder? A fellow church member?
         How do you remember them? Is to retell their failings to rehearse your bitterness? Is it to practice your bitterness against them to keep those self-justifiable bitter memories alive and strong?
         Or, are you being godly and allowing those bitter memories to fade by refusing to rehearse them? Do you pray for the blessing of those who have cursed you? Do you bless and curse not? Prayer for those who have hurt you is a great way to replace bitter memories with godly ones.

         Forgive as you have been forgiven. Bless and curse not.

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