Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Body Fitness

Having a fit body is all the craze. We Americans spend millions of dollars to get into shape and to get just the right clothes and just the right equipment that makes our bodies look and feel fit. We try to get into the right group and find the perfect niche where we fit. There is nothing wrong with buffeting your body. Have at it. But as far as being really fit, in a godly way and fitting in where God would have us fit, most of that frenetic effort is a waste of time and falls short.

         There is only place that really fits a man. It is in the body of Christ. In Christ’s body, we find our place, our niche. We find that it is here that we fit, no matter what shape we are in. God has formed us to fit exactly here in this place, with these people, in His kingdom, for His purposes. We are made to go together and we don’t have to Gerry rig the pieces. They actually fit just like they are, just the place they are.
        And here at this place, at the Lord's Table, is a place fit exactly for you. Jesus has reserved you a place at His table. It is just the right place. It is good to fit.

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