Monday, April 07, 2014

Saul Asks Satan

In the famous chapter of 1 Samuel 28, Saul seeks wisdom from a witch at Endor. Saul seeks Samuel but is willing to listen to Satan. We can see that Saul is half way in the grave at this point. He is alive but barely. He is spiritually dead and the only thing awaiting him, like Judas, is to go out and hang himself. Saul does not literally hang himself but he does die by his own hand, lost in defeat and despair. He is a dead man walking.
         This is no place for those among the living. David was a man alive, looking for life among the living. He was in great straits but Yahweh kept him alive, protecting him from the wicked Saul.

         We again have two contrasts, David acting like a king in exile and Saul acting like a wicked one as king. Saul turned to the devil for help and David turned to God.

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