Monday, April 07, 2014

Hear and Live

Hope in God and do not despair. The words from the throne are always confess, repent, believe and be forgiven. Where ever sin abounds, grace abounds ever higher. There is no hopelessness with God as our fortress. He is the one who comes to our aid. He is not the one who accuses and condemns.

The accuser is Satan. The defender of the righteous is Jesus Christ. In the end, if you will not hear the Words of Life it is because you are half dead already and hell bent in your insistence on being all dead. 

But the Words of Life bring life. Lazarus come forth!!! In Christ, there is Resurrection from the dead. Only those who refuse to hear, who shut their ears, who turn away from God and turn to dead men walking, will be condemned. Let no one blame God for this state of affairs. God gave Saul many chances but he preferred death to life. Let it not be so with us who are among the living. But let us hear Jesus in the Word preached, turn to Him for the words of life and find ourselves among the land of the living.

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