Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life, Death, Life

Today is Palm Sunday, a day in which many of our ancient Christian kin proclaimed loud Hosannas to the Son of David. Jesus gladly received these proclamations and rode into Jerusalem victorious. The King of all the Earth had arrived. That was even more than the crowds had anticipated. But the Triumphal Entry was followed by betrayal, desertion, accusation, suffering and death. This was all a necessary part of the total Triumph of Jesus.
We, too, have been deserted by those we love, accused by the devil and suffered humiliation and defeat. And we have felt the agony of our own sins, those for which Jesus suffered in the garden, before Pontias Pilate and on the cross. But in all of this, Jesus was the overwhelming victor, triumphing over all this sin, accusation and betrayal.

         There is life in Jesus. We embrace that but it leads us to death to self through suffering. That is hard but then we realize that this then leads us to life in Jesus that no man can take from us. This is the pattern, life, death, life. As we stand before the Lord in full forgiveness we are standing in that Resurrection Life.

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