Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Now, now, now

We are at the place of rest. Jesus has come to us and we get to rest in His presence. We could not do what He did, pay for the sins of His people, but we can receive the benefits; forgiveness, peace, joy, Resurrection and eternal life. We participate in all of this, here and now, partially, and look forward to the full maturity of this glory in the Resurrection from the dead and the consummation of all things.

         But we should not spend all of our time hoping for the better thing and not noticing what glory we are granted right now. That is a perennial danger to us, refusing to see, refusing to be thankful, now. We need to see God’s glory, in Christ, in His Spirit, in the Saints, now. This is why we look around. This is why we sigh in relief at a loss for words. This is why we give thanks.

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