Monday, April 21, 2014

Bundy on the Dole, Too

Below is a good article on the Clive Bundy ranch business. My sentiments are with the author. The real problem is not simply government overreach in authority, it is also government protectionism. There is no easy solution to this. Well, maybe there is, just get the government out of subsidies, welfare programs, food stamps, farm bills, BLM subsidies, etc., tomorrow. But we are growing more and more accustomed to these things, even as our money is shriveling through extended debt and money printing. It would be easy but it is highly unlikely for the government to make this change, especially the federal government.

And it is not only individual ranchers, farmers and Walmart shoppers that are on the dole. The individual states themselves, do not want to be free from the Federal largesse. Until we return to the expectation that individuals take care of themselves, that the immediate and then the extended family is the safety net and the final safety net is The Church, then we will not be bold enough to make the change. With these principles in place, we would not need the government to take care of our every perceived need. That is why the solution is simple. Cut off the tap. If that were the case, we would see an immediate positive correction in who works, who cares and who catches.

And the money will run out.

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