Monday, April 21, 2014

Jesus is Alive

It is Easter. The Lord Jesus is not dead but He is alive. This is a good time for us to remember that all those who have died in the Lord are not dead. They are alive. You may miss seeing them but they are doing just fine. They are with the Lord. They are filled with joy. They are at peace. They are living. 

We should try to remember this as we talk about them. We sometimes say that our departed Christian brothers are dead but that is just not accurate. Their bodies might still be unresurrected but they are not dead. They are alive. We sometimes say that they are with the Lord or that they are in Heaven. That is closer to the truth. But we really should cultivate the view that they are alive.

This helps us to get perspective on living and dying in this life. We can face the future, suffering, old age, sickness, even death because we know that death could not hold Jesus. Because death could not hold Jesus, death cannot hold us, either. 

We will die but only for a moment. Then an angel will come and get us and take us to Jesus and we will be amazed at His level of life; real, vibrant, Resurrected, undying, eternal. We will be alive then but also longing for our own Resurrection so we can be as alive as Jesus, body and soul, with no contradiction of sin and death. That will be Heaven, indeed. But until then, because Jesus is alive, all those who are in Christ, though they die, will yet live. 

He is risen, indeed!

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