Monday, November 04, 2013

The Boldness of Humility

It seems odd to us to call humility bold. But the right kind of humility is indeed bold. There is a sort of humility that thinks lowly of itself but only does so because it also thinks lowly of the Lord. But take a man who really has the right kind of high thoughts about God and that man is a danger. He is a danger to the world, the flesh and the devil.
         Such a man is actually humble because he understands that if the Lord were to reckon sins to our account, no man, including himself, could stand. But he is also the sort of man, having called his sin, sin, can also call upon Jesus to cover his sins. When he does this, believing God to fully forgive him, then when he rises, he rises in defiance of God’s enemies, a warrior empowered by grace through faith.
         Such a man, such a humble man, such a forgiven man, such a man of faith, will stand before a thousand knowing that God will defeat every foe. That is the boldness of humility.
         Let us bow before the throne in humble confession so that God will raise us up in forgiven boldness.

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