Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Like a Pagan

        In 1 Samuel 15, we have another example of Saul’s continuing fall. Furthermore, we have the foreboding of his latter end. 
         Agag is one of the Amalekite kings.Their latter end had been declared to Moses four hundred years before this chapter takes place. They had discomfited Israel in the wilderness, attacking them in their hinder parts. That is, they attacked the stragglers, the women, the children, the weak and infirm. God did not forget this vicious affront to His people and the Amalekites continued their hostility towards Israel for hundreds of years, thus solidifying the just judgment declared against them.
God is long-suffering. His judgments are often delayed. The judgment on Amalek is delayed and we see a great warning to Saul in the incident that unfolds in this chapter. God’s covenant people are to obey Him, doing all that He has revealed to them in the Word of God. This obedience needs to come from the heart based upon a love for God. It is not an obedience of show, making lip service to God, the way that the pagans pray to their idols. Those idols cannot deliver but neither can they carry out judgment.
God can do both. Those who serve Him in Spirit and in Truth will receive His glory, grace and mercy. But those who stubbornly resist His will will be cut down like His enemies, the Amalekites and Agag, the pagan king.

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