Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crony Capitalism

It seems to me that conservatives (I wonder if there are any in the Republican party?) are missing out on a great opportunity. For many years, even decades, Republicans have propped up the notion that Wall Street is synonymous with free market trade. It may be synonymous with capitalism but it is increasingly less free market. Fat cat Wall Street types are just as comfortable with the liberal lobby as with the so-called conservative lobby. They don't really care who fills their pockets with money. This is one reason why the shift among conservatives to libertarianism is a danger. Libertarians claim to love free markets but outside of Christ, the pull is making big bucks, not making them fair and square. Enter the lobbyist.

The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is crony capitalism nearing its zenith, just before full-throated Socialism. After that? Jackboots. Sold as the way to help the little man, those without insurance, Obama shamrodded his way to victory. The lies and deceit are multitude and the crowds shuffle forward like good little sheep. It was sold, with a straight face, as a way to get at the bully insurance and drug company's profits. They have too much! Let's make them share! And the obamiring crowds cheered on!

But now, the cheaper, more available health insurance is three times the cost, and you cannot even find a way to purchase it. Progress!

And do you think those profit monsters, the insurance companies are sad? Sure they are sad, all the way to the bank. Premiums are now two to three times what they were a year ago, for the same coverage, and 2/3 of the customer money for the now, affordable health insurance, is the federal government, who can PRINT the money to pay for the premiums. Oh yes, the insurance companies are being held over a barrel, a barrel full of gold.

Why don't the Conservatives come out in favor of truly free markets? Why don't they resist crony capitalism in its many headed lobbying forms as inherently wicked? Why don't they beat the democrats at their attempted redistribution game? Why? Easy. Go on, take the money and run, oo, oo, oo!

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Zach said...

Conservatives: putting the "capitol" in "capitalism."