Monday, November 25, 2013

Gift Giving God

The Lord commanded Samuel to be done with mourning for Saul because God had provided another king for Himself, David. And that is always the Lord’s way, to make provision. Although we do not see a way forward, although we may be in a time of mourning, the Lord provides and we are to learn the lesson.
         Jesse sent David to Saul with bread and wine and a sacrifice. Saul had but to receive these gifts to show that Jesse and David were in his favor.
And here we are at Communion with Bread and Wine and showing the Lord’s death, the one sacrifice. But we do not come offering gifts to the High King, hoping for His favor. We only bring ourselves and that is no high gift.
The Lord has turned the Table. You do not come serving Him with bread and wine and sacrifice. You come as a recipient of bread and wine and sacrifice. You see the Lord always provides. Through sacrifice, He has provided the way for you to enter into the veil to gaze upon His glory. And having come into the Presence, He bids you to sit and eat and He has also provided the peaceful meal of bread and wine. And thus we know that we are in His favor and can rest in peace through bread and wine and sacrifice.

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