Friday, June 28, 2013

Take Up Your Cross

The title of the sermon today is Take Up Your Cross. We sometimes view this sort of admonition as embracing misery. That is not what I mean or is it the thrust of Scripture. The Scripture calls us to joy at the same time that it calls us to take up our cross. How can this be? How can there be joy in the presence of such a daunting vision as the cross?
         Two things to keep in mind. One, is the joy that hope brings. Jesus saw the glory on the other side of the cross, the salvation of His people and the Resurrection, and He rejoiced to go to the cross. So, while you are taking up your cross, look forward.
         The second thing may be more to the point in present sufferings. Taking up the cross means a willingness to do the Lord’s will, whatsoever comes to pass. We are not our own. We are His. This may seem hard but that is only because it is impossible. The only way we can fully submit to the Lord’s will in all things is to fully submit ourselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Lord says that His yoke is not burdensome. As we take up our cross we realize that it is the Lord’s cross and He is able and willing to bear our load.
         So, let us confess any grumblings, embrace the Lord’s will and look with joy for the glory on the other side of sufferings.

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