Friday, June 28, 2013

Glory in the Cross

Jesus took up His cross and the result was our salvation. When you take up your cross the result is your salvation. Our cross is His. In it you are fully absolved from all your sins. The Lord Jesus paid the price for them and both you and your sins have been nailed to the cross in Christ.
         When you take up your cross you fully identify with Jesus and embrace His way which is always the way of suffering unto death and then life after death and then life after life after death, which we call the Resurrection.
         We need to see both the glory and the joy in taking up our cross. Jesus said, Father, take this cup from me. But He also said, Not my will but Thy will be done. And in that Holy Spirit, He went to the cross willingly for the joy that was set before Him on the other side. So, let us freely embrace the cross and the joy that is set before us in the glory to come.

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