Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Already in Heaven

As I mentioned last week, it is important for us to focus on the things we have received in Jesus ALREADY instead of focusing on the shortcomings of the NOT YET. But we can also look forward to the additional blessings that we will possess in the future when the shortcomings will be completely filled up in Resurrection. So, we glory now but we do so with an eager anticipation and hope of something even more glorious.
As we look around at our fellow saints, we should have the present sense of being in Heaven. 

How can this be? It seems like just another day at church, not heaven. 

But the greatness of heaven is the collected saints of God around His throne, without sin and without death, forever basking in the glory of God. And here we are, the gathered saints, gathered around the throne of God, without fear of condemnation, celebrating the death of Jesus who gave the deathblow to death. This may not be heaven, proper, but it is a foretaste of heaven and should whet our appetites for the greater glory that is to come and that we already possess in part here and now.

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