Saturday, June 01, 2013

Holy and Righteous Saints

Life in the Spirit is necessarily a life of holiness and righteous. This is true because our God is holy and righteous and the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us, is God. So, our life must be one characterized by holiness. This might cause us to squirm because we know our own thoughts, our words and our actions. And we see that some of these thoughts, words and actions are not holy or righteous. We still struggle against sin and find the way of holiness difficult. That is okay. Being holy and righteous is difficult. In fact, outside of God’s Holy Spirit, it is completely impossible.
At least three things should be apparent in the lives of the holy people of God. One, we desire holiness.  That desire is given to us by His Holy Spirit. Two, we are convicted of our sins. That conviction is also the work of the Holy Spirit. And three, we repent of our sins, turning away from them and turning to Jesus. This, too, is the work of God’s Holy Spirit.
         So, this call to be holy as God is holy is not a call to perfectionism. However, it is a call to walk in the newness of God’s Spirit, with godly desires. It is a call to feel remorse for your sins and to turn away from them. If this is happening, then you can rest assured that you are one of God’s holy and righteous saints.
If you do not desire holiness, if you are not convicted of your sins, if you cannot find a place of repentance, the ability to turn away from your sins, then I pray that you turn your life over to Jesus, asking God to regenerate you to new life in Christ.

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