Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Severed Sins

One of the purposes of confession and repentance is getting current. We want to press forward but pressing forward is hard to do when we are caught in the past, whether in the grip of real sins, or in the grip of the failure to grasp forgiveness in Jesus Christ.
         So, the first thing we must do is heed the Spirit’s leading in conviction of our own sins so that we can recognize them and turn from them. But having done this, we need to fully embrace the glory of forgiveness in Jesus so that we can press forward without the burdensome weight of our sins. Forgiveness from Jesus severs those sins so that we are free from the weight of guilt and shame.
         We need to be honest before the Lord because, like the Prodigal Father, He is eagerly awaiting our return to Him so that He can clothe us in the finest of apparel, prepare a sumptuous meal for us and seat us at His table for wine and mirth, feasting and fellowship, overwhelming joy in Jesus Christ.

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