Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cariad- My Love

Love at first sight is not an isolated phenomenon.  Many lovers explain the sense of knowing that this one is to be my one and only cariad. In saying this, I do not diminish the truth that many have fallen slowly in love.  This is why we call it falling, not leaping (sometimes we do!).  But some have experienced the true thrill of a bungee jump as they set eyes on the girl of their dreams. I am not talking about the rush of blood and heart at the sight of a temptress.  A good man does not confuse this with love, but, rather, the more serene and deeper thrill of a thoughtful gaze through the eyes, pretty ones, to the soul. A knowing look that reaches beyond the surface into that place where secrets are kept and she, and he, does not blush to have them revealed. We often laugh (or scoff) at the Hollywood version of True Love and Following Your Heart. But such stories arise from realities, even realities that are not commonplace, none-the-less, real.
Perhaps I am simply an old romantic and romanticism is much criticized in my circles. It has been replaced with the sterile precision of the purveyors of the science of love. Here's how you do it. Just so and don't worry about the fireworks or lack thereof! I suppose there is some method to that madness. But love is not so easily tamed nor so easily named. It often comes when least expected it and lasts, if it really is a godly love to be cultivated, a lifetime.
Such is my story as my love, my cariad, gracefully entered my fifth grade classroom. How could I know then? I cannot tell you how but the fact that I did know is still we with me today.  We survived Mrs. Hellewell, graduated on to sixth grade and grew up and into love, the kind of love that perseveres and gives and sacrifices and lives.
My dear Kate, my fifth grade sweetheart is my ever and beloved darling, my dear wife of twenty-five years. This is mysterious and unexplainable but this kind of love always is.
My dear, you will always be my one and only cariad.

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