Thursday, March 01, 2012

Communion- Mother Church, Bride of Christ

Mothers are to image the Church. But we all gather here as the church. Each one here is not a wife or a mother but the collected church is in the place of wife and mother in connection to Christ.  It is beautiful how God has revealed these truths to us.
         As the bride of Christ, we know that He is ever faithful. He will fully fulfill His role as the husband, beautifying His wife until she is without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. We all participate in Christ’s washing of us in His Word.
         Furthermore, we, as the Church, play the role of mother. The church is mother to her children, those who belong to God as adopted children; true heirs of the promises of life. The church speaks this truth to her children and makes them feel safe and secure in the love of the Father. So, like a mother, we the Church encourage all of God’s children that we are truly His and thus recipients of His peace and blessing.
         These promises are given to us in Jesus Christ and represented in this meal.

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