Friday, March 09, 2012

Dear Saints, we are once again seated at the Table of the Lord. It is the table of the Father but also the Table of Jesus and His Bride.  We have come to the place where we are fed and nourished. This is a place of peace and rest, a place of feasting and toasting, a place of fellowship and joy.
This is one reason that we do not make this a personal private moment, a place to examine yourselves and your motives. That has already happened. The Lord has examined you and He has applied the grace of Jesus to you so that you could come here without such inward and discouraging thoughts. The time of introspection is over. It is time to look up, look to Jesus, bask in the glory of God, the Father, the risen Lord Jesus, the joy of the Holy Spirit, the presence of the saints, the food at God’s table, the joy of fellowship, the peace of forgiveness, the welcome of friends.
This is not a personal private moment but rather a public feast of food and wine in celebration of the name of Jesus, the High King, who has taken on a bride, His Church, the mother us all. We are at home here, a place of peace and rest and joy.

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