Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Healthy Countenance

We desire health in body and soul. This meal speaks of both of these things. This is real food, bread and wine. The Lord grants us sustenance in such things. But our bodies are still subject to the Fall, they get sick, they get old, they die.
         But there is something more important than bodily health, soul health. How is your soul? How is your spirit? This meal is food for the soul. God has invited you to sup with Him. Are you cast down? You have been invited to a great feast for a High King and not only that, you are special guests. You get called to the chief table to sit with the Bride and Groom and partake of their sumptuous wedding fare.

         Let the Father comfort you with His holy bread and wine, with the presence of His Son and Holy Spirit, in the company of angels and departed saints, partaking with a gathered room of forgiven sinners. May God grant you a healthy countenance.

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